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 For Film and Animation Students
This is the first video I want you to study.
We will discuss it in our second class.
This is very important for Animations students,
as well as film students, all these instructions apply to
the 3D computer animation world, just like the real world.
I would recommend you watch this video more than once
he really lays out the basics for filming.



Make a Tax Deductible Donation of Your Old Computers to Ozarts.
Do you have Outdated Computers Cluttering up Your Office,
Or Filling up your Storage?
We will accept all computers, working or not, and related components (printers, routers, cables, etc) except for non working CRT monitors, though we will take them if they are still working.
Please include power cords and cables you no longer need.
You can drop your old computers off at the Grand View Hotel.
Call 870-654-3231 to make an appointment,
or put old computers at the top of the stairs by the front door.
Ozarts is aligned with
The Carroll County Literacy Council And all donations to Ozarts are now

This is the first in our new Series Arkansas Pond Buddies.
Created by Alexander Virden and Produced by Ozarts Center for the Arts.
Tune in and follow all the adventures of King Cat, Craw Daddy
and all their Friends!
Learn Animation and Film Production
I am looking at starting a FREE class on animation and film production.
All the software is Free and Open Source
Your only cost is a computer with 2 gigs or ram or more.
And you get to keep the computer!
 If you would like to sign up, or would like more information email me at:
Ozarts is dedicated to supporting the arts in Carroll County
and revitalizing Berryville's Historic town square by restoring the 1902 Grand View Hotel as a working hotel, restaurant, and Center for the Arts.
All Profits from catering go towards this vital project.
Explore Ozarts to learn about this project and the personal journey of Alexander and Sandra.
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Our Story
Alexander Virden and Sandra Doss have be working to bring this landmark building from blight to life since the end of 2005. In 2008 they had exhausted their own resources, and could not find any funding for the project, to keep the project alive they opened The 302 on the Square Restaurant, in the restored ground floor of the hotel, to raise the money to finish the hotel and open the arts school.
 They have sold off everything, including their home and they now live behind the hotel in an old RV. They cook and run the restaurant and work to complete this project that is of historical and economic importance to Berryville, and Carroll County, for the jobs, tourism, and opportunity it will bring. But now Alexander could lose the ability to walk at any time, if he doesn't have a double complete hip replacement. If they can't find the funds to move the project forward and allow Alexander to have his surgery they will be forced to sell the building and give up on this project that could bring so much to this small town. 


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